Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a complex condition that presents in woman as irregular periods, infertility, acne, male-pattern hair growth and difficulty with weight management. The diagnosis is confirmed with blood testing and pelvic ultrasound. Whether you have already been diagnosed or if you are uncertain if you have this condition and would like to be evaluated, we can help.

Our Whole Health approach to evaluation and treatment includes starts with better understanding the root cause of your symptoms to gain perspective on how we can help you bring your body back into balance with natural therapies. This is our naturopathic doctors’ area of expertise. Thorough evaluation is accomplished through diagnostic laboratory studies including genetic testing for MTHFR polymorphism, imaging (if indicated), specialty laboratory testing and clinical assessments. A musculo-skeletal/structural assessment with our chiropractor, Dr. Mark Stagg who is also certified in acupuncture determines whether misalignments in the spine and pelvis may be contributing.

Following your comprehensive assessment, our doctors develop a treatment plan that is personalized to the unique needs of each woman. Our treatments can include customized dietary and nutritional plans, herbal and nutritional supplementation, stress management, acupuncture, mind-body medicine, chiropractic/physical therapies and detoxification support. We are committed to helping women bring their bodies back into balance.

Patient Success Story

“I first went to Whole Health, LLC. December of 2013. It had been 5 months since my last period, and the gynecologist I had been seeing only wanted to put me back on birth control or induce a period every 3 months. I was diagnosed with PCOS, but I wanted to have an alternative to the artificial hormone treatment, and hoped Dr. Jen could provide me with this. After 7 months of herbal supplements and liver detoxes, I finally regained my period. While this process took slightly longer, my body feels absolutely incredible, and I am so happy that I chose this route. Dr. Jen is insanely supportive throughout this process, being accessible through e-mail or phone consultation, and I trust her whole-heartedly with all of my health care decisions. I know that there is a way to combat my PCOS with drug therapy and hormones, but with Dr. Jen’s help, I was able to let my body do it on my own. I have had 3 consecutive periods thus far, and could not be happier!”