Our sugar and food addiction program is an intensive 28 day out-patient treatment program and is the premier program in the region for addressing disordered eating patterns, primarily sugar addiction. By combining acupuncture treatments, counseling and metabolic detoxification, addictions to food can be medically treated. Treatments such as Biofeedback and Red Light Therapy can be utilized as add ons to this program to help support the process. Your Whole Health Naturopathic physician will supervise this program and coordinate patient care throughout the 28 day intensive treatment program. Like any other addiction, patients are then transferred to maintenance care to reduce the risk of relapse after completing the intensive treatment program.

Our Naturopathic physicians have observed sugar addiction to be a roadblock to treating many chronic health problems, including obesity, metabolic syndrome, chronic/recurrent infections, digestive problems, mood disorders and even autoimmune disease. Over the many years of providing dietary therapy for patients, the biggest problem our doctors have encountered is patients relapsing back to their old habits which is typically the result of food addiction, primarily to sugar. Countless patients come to our office having tried every latest diet fad, only to fail, time after time, because of their powerful addiction to carbohydrates. Our clinic has developed this food addiction treatment program as a revolutionary way to treat patients suffering from chronic weight problems, obesity and food related illness.

Let us help you take control of your life and health by treating the underlying cause- sugar addiction!

A success story from one of our patients who completed the program:

“Before I started the 1 month intensive food addiction program at Whole Health, I always felt bloated and tired and I craved foods that I should have been trying to avoid. Within a week of starting, I already felt better. That bloated feeling was going away and I was no longer falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon. Also, I no longer craved simple carbs and sugar. I felt full all the time and had a lot more energy than before. I actually felt like being active which I hadn’t felt for a long time. It was amazing to actually see and feel the effect of eating clean using their 28 day metabolic cleanse with only fresh and healthy food. By the end of the third week I had lost considerable weight (33 pounds to be exact!) and felt better, mentally and physically, than I have in many years.

The other aspects in this program that made a big difference for me were Acupuncture and Mindfulness. Those two concepts really pushed it over the edge for me. I’ve been on diets and eating plans before but was never able to sustain any kind of continued or permanent weight loss. These two aspects of the program enabled me to continue to make good choices about eating. There was no internal mind struggle to making good choices. I just did it. That was the key piece for me.

I am excited about continuing to lose weight and staying on this healthy eating plan going forward in my life. I would recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with sugar/carb addiction, even if you don’t need to lose weight. It will make you feel better than you ever thought you could feel!”

LR, Age 54


This service is offered by the following providers:

Dr. Jennifer J. Stagg, Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Mark Stagg, Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Aylah Clark, Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Karen Bender, Naturopathic Physician