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It doesn’t need to be wrought with guilt. You can enjoy your holiday classics while staying healthy and here’s how:
1. APPETIZERS- stay clear of the flour laden ones and go for hard cheese, nuts, fruit and veggies with dip.
2. ALCOHOL-don’t drink on an empty stomach. Make sure you have some protein and fat first–like cheese and nuts, or wait until you sit down to dinner and enjoy it with your turkey. The best choice is red wine.
3.DINNER-Use the plate model for your meal and serve yourself in this order. Go heavy on green veggies. Half the plate should be green veggies (classic brussel sprouts, green beans, collards and salad). Divide the other half of your plate into thirds and make 2/3 of it lean cuts of turkey (with a little gravy if you like) and the remaining 1/3 is where you put your starch. If mashed potatoes are your go-to dish, then add a small scoop there, but if you want stuffing and sweet potatoes, just take smaller portions of all these dishes to make up your “starch spot”. Also check out our “I can’t believe it’s not mashed potatoes” recipe in our recipe blog. You can also just make your classic mashed potato recipe and substitute half the potatoes with steamed cauliflower–that’s what I do.
4. DESSERT- you are probably pretty full by the time you get to dessert, so don’t overdo it here. It’s usually the smell and first taste that ties that emotional connection to dessert. So pick the one you just “must have” and only eat a small portion.
If you follow these steps, you won’t sabotage all your hard work and still enjoy your time with your family (without the guilt!). Remember, it’s just one meal.
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  1. Kathy

    Ԍreetings! Ⅴery helpful advice ѡithin thiis article!
    Ⅰt is tɦе littlᥱ changes that will make thee largest changes.
    Ƭhanks for sharing!

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