My 10 Day Detox Journey

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By: Allison Reynolds

It all started Sunday afternoon.
After my daughter and I read through the Metagenics 10 day Clear Change booklet over and over we finally felt capable enough to do the grocery shopping to start our journey to better health.
We were excited to go through the aisles and look at all of our options. It was fun to read through the labels and really get a grasp on what we were in for.
Finally, we decided to keep it simple. We would have oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, rice cakes with hummus tomatoes and avocado for lunch and cod or tilapia with vegetable stir-fry for dinner. I was extremely surprised at how affordable it actually was!

We indulged Sunday night and had we had my mom’s Hodge Podge soup and of course one or two brownies afterward… (They were small brownies!)

Before I went to bed I felt nervous and anxious at the same time. Tomorrow would be a new beginning. I wasn’t alone though! My daughter would be starting the program with me and it gave me a sense of security.

Monday morning! Off we go!

I replaced my morning coffee with green tea.
I had ½ a cup of oatmeal and 5 strawberries. I never realized how filling “real” oatmeal could be! It took me most of the morning to actually finish all of it!

Around 10, I had an apple and by this time had at least 24oz. of water. I was feeling great!

At lunchtime I was HUNGRY!! I had garlic hummus on plain rice cakes with a few grape tomatoes, so delish! About 15 minutes later I was still hungry… Thank the stars there is no caloric restrictions on this program! Two more rice cakes later I was satisfied.

At 2 I had a cup of tea and by this time another 32oz. of water.

Stuck in traffic on the way home I had another apple and drank some water.

Dinner was fantastic!
Liv is an excellent cook and she said she had fun prepping and making it! We had squash, zucchini and broccoli stir- fry with about a 4oz. portion of cod fish.

Now, here comes the tough part… late night snacking… I am the worst!

From 7-9 I had another rice cake with hummus and some almonds. I drank more water and I was good to go! Liv opted to get creative and make kale chips with a dash of sea salt. We made it through our first day!

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