Day 3: Let the eliminations begin!

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By: Allison Reynolds

Breakfast today was an Ultra Clear Renew shake and two Advaclear capsules.
Amazingly, I did not wake up hungry! I woke up feeling a bit tired but nothing out of the ordinary. I made myself a green tea and hit the road!

Mid-morning snack is 1 banana with Vietnamese cinnamon. I thought for sure I would need at least 2 bananas! But 1 was just enough! I absolutely adore using new spices and I think I may put cinnamon on almost everything now…

For lunch I am enjoying 2 cups of the left-over soup Liv made. She followed the Metagenics bean and spinach soup recipe but she used cannelli and black beans and substituted spinach with kale. It is super delicious!! I absolutely love this soup! I actually asked her to make another batch for tomorrow! By this time I’ve had 36oz. of water as well. Liv enjoyed making baked apples as a snack today to go along with her lunch… this Metagenics recipe book and additional online recipes have so many awesome ideas!

Mid-afternoon snack is Ultra Clear Renew shake and 2 Advaclear capsules.

For dinner we had vegetarian chili and salad.

I had so much energy when I got home I organized my garage! A task I’ve been putting off since the beginning of June! My kids said, “Geez mom why are you up so late doing all of this stuff?” (it was only 9:30) I told them I had the energy so I was going to take advantage of it!! I’m usually drained by the time I get home. I’m lucky if I stay up until 10 on a week nite. This is definitely a change! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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