Day 4 of Allison’s Detox Journey

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Almost Half-way There!

Woke up invigorated this morning! Something strange is going on here…

First of all I got up before my alarm went off. I had my Ultra Clear Renew shake and then I started to get ready for work. I felt so good that I stretched and did some yoga and since I was feeling so spunky I decided to take a little more time with my make up. As I was packing up my lunch my son said, “Hey Ma! I think your stomach’s flatter!” I looked down and thought… maybe it’s because I’m wearing black? I don’t know…

I’ll weigh myself when I get to work…

By: Allison Reynolds

I get to work and weigh myself…

I’ve lost 6lbs. since the Friday before I started the detox!!!

I’m in shock!!!

I had to double check with Dr. Jen to make sure I wasn’t delusional… Sure enough my body is responding really well to this detox.

So happy!!


I had my banana with Vietnamese cinnamon again and a new tea that I picked up from Garden of Light, Organic India Tulsi Pomegranate Green. It’s super refreshing.


For lunch I had left-over vegetarian chili. I am definitely realizing even more, how important staying hydrated is. I keep track throughout the day and I am averaging 60-84oz of water per day.

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