Day 8-Nearing the finish line!

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By: Allison Reynolds

I slept erratically last night. I think too much sun and going to bed too early may have had something to do with it. Even so, I started off the day not even half as lethargic as I usually would prior to the detox. I didn’t have to reach for a coffee to wake up. I drank some water and then I had my Ultra Clear Renew shake and 2 Advaclear capsules. Guess what! I got to have that darn banana finally! It was like junk food or something! I kept checking the book to make sure I could actually have it. I had to laugh at myself! Took a pomegranate green tea with me and left for work!

Morning snack around 10 was an Ultra Clear Renew shake and 2 Advaclear capsules. I also munched on a small apple. I just needed a little something.

For lunch today I had spicy beans with a ½ cup of rice! I felt super sleepy for about 10 minutes and then I was ok. I guess my body has a hard time with rice?! Maybe moving forward more beans less rice… I also had one small tilapia fillet left-over from last nite. Really good lunch today!

I had my afternoon Ultra Clear Renew shake around 3 along with 2 Advaclear capsules.

I stopped for a massage on the way home because I feel like it’s really helping the toxins in my body release. It also calms the muscles and I don’t feel so achy. I drank a 33oz. bottle of electrolyte water when I got home. I felt bogged down and a bit foggy.

I could manage to make onions and curried black and cannelli beans for dinner. I was pretty tired. I guess I didn’t eat enough because I woke up and NEEDED a rice cake with hummus. It was my mission at 10:30! Get to the rice cakes!!!

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