Days Six and Seven-The Power of Positive Thinking

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By:Allison Reynolds

Ok, so by now I’m feeling a bit tired and foggy. To everyone who told me that days 5-7 are the hardest! Thank you for prepping me… this is tough!

I really could’ve gone for a banana or some blueberries this morning… But I started off with water and then my Ultra Clear Renew shake with 2 Advaclear capsules.

After the reflexology yesterday I could barely do anything. I felt so lazy… but as soon as I started downing the water I was good to go! I thought that cleaning the house and doing some laundry would be ok and it was but I was wiped out a few hours later!

I had spicy beans again for lunch and I was so HUNGRY!!! I seriously ate about 2 cups of them, they were so good!

A couple hours later I had my second shake and I was feeling ok. Not too foggy or anything. My friend stopped by for dinner and we took a walk.

My legs were lead. It was hilarious! I powered through and downed some more water. This time I had some electrolyte infused water. I definitely helped!

For dinner I made a cold chick pea and broccoli salad topped with oil and balsamic vinegar paired with tilapia. I didn’t think I would make it to my evening snack but I did!

I drank my Ultra Clear Renew shake and took my 2 Advaclear capsules.

I stayed up by the fire until 10! I really couldn’t believe it, but I slept a sound sleep that nite!

Alright, now for Day 7! I’m staying on track! Liv is still maintaining the day 2 diet plan and taking the Advaclear once a day. I almost sneaked a banana this morning! For shame!

I’m so used to getting up and drinking water and taking my shake it’s like clockwork!
I cut up an apple and it took me 45 min. to eat it! So weird!

My friend came over this morning and he wanted to do yard work. Are you kidding me? I am so appreciative though, I had to do something. I didn’t want to seem rude. I clipped the same azalea bush for 30 minutes. Meanwhile I’m thinking about lunch… Hysterical! Lunch is my new favorite.

I made spicy beans again because… I LOVE them! But I added brown rice for everyone else and I made a guacamole with garlic hummus as a refreshing side. I put mine on top of some greens and it was delish!! I had a bit of energy so I decided to rearrange the pots and flowers around the front of the house. I couldn’t make a decision!! I had to actually take a pic of each set up so I could decide which one I liked best! Time for more water! I also had some electrolyte infused water as well.

Decided to come in for an Ultra Clear Renew shake and 2 Advaclear capsules after using all of that brain power!

Late after noon I made cauliflower popcorn by following the recipe in the Metagenics handbook and they are so awesome! I’m going to snack on these quite often.

Dinner was tilapia with old bay seasoning. I threw some chick peas on my salad and I was good to go! I made some baked apples and they were so delicious!! I’m in love with these too! I thought that these would be great with blueberries and a splash of coconut milk! Even over my oatmeal in the morning…(yum! The wheels are turning!)

I took my evening Ultra Clear Renew shake and called it quits! I got too much sun and fun so I fell asleep at 8:30!

One thing I’m realizing is that even though the last 3 days were difficult I can eat healthy after this. I was completely in love with the first 3 days of the detox. I could actually make these changes and move forward with them!

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