Detox–Day 5! – This is it!

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By:Allsion Reynolds

This will be a test of will power for the next 3 days! Liv is falling off the wagon… I’m afraid! She is still following the meal plan and taking the Advaclear though. So we are still a team! I noticed her complexion looks brighter and the circles under my eyes are dissipating! I really feel good! I woke up early and refreshed.

For breakfast I had my Ultra Clear renew shake. I had a green tea on the way to work.

For a mid- morning snack I had an apple with Vietnamese cinnamon.

Lunch is left-over cod fish fillet with greens and cucumbers and chickpeas! Super filling!

Afternoon snack is another Ultra Clear Renew shake and 2 Advaclear.

After work I was feeling really drained and just icky… I decided to go and have a hand and foot reflexology treatment. Definitely one of my better ideas, I felt like it got the qi flowing and I might make it through the nite!

I got home and had spicy black and cannellini beans over salad.

I drank my evening snack (Ultra Clear Renew and 2 Advaclear capsules) Downed a little more water and went to bed! It’s been a long week!

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