Sugar Free Coconutty Bars

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2 ½ cups Coconut-shredded and unsweetened
7 oz + 1 TB Coconut Oil
1 cup Nut butter- peanut or almond or mix the two
1 cup Milled flax seed
2 teaspoons Vanilla
70% dark chocolate- 3-4 oz bar
Sliced almonds

1. Mix coconut, coconut oil (reserve 1 TB), nut butter, flax seed and vanilla in a mixing bowl until well combined.
2. Flatten mixture onto a large sheet pan.
3. Top with sliced almonds.
4. Melt chocolate with 1 TB coconut oil in the microwave or double boiler method.
5. Drizzle chocolate over top.
6. Place in freezer until mixture hardens and then can cut with pizza slicer.
7. Store cut bars in freezer and serve cold.


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