Holiday Gifts Ideas from Whole Health Wellness Center

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Looking for a creative holiday gift to give to someone special? Whole Health Wellness Center offers a wide variety of holiday packages that are pre-wrapped and ready to be gifted! Our holiday packages are the perfect way to utilize your Health Savings Account before year’s end while providing meaningful gifts for those you love!

  • Dr. Stagg’s Book Bundle–(The Bitter Prescription & Unzip Your Genes by Dr. Jennifer Stagg)
  • Stress Relief Bundle–(Calm Stat, Exhale FX Chocolates, Rescue Remedy)
  • Chiropractic Package–(Muscle Mag, Arthrosoothe Cream, Triple SPM)
  • Chill AF Package: (Assortment of Chill AF CBD Seltzer from Hooker Brewery)
  • Beauty Bundle Candy Cane Tin–(Glowbiotics eye cream, Vitamin C Serum, Bold Beauty Collagen Bar)
  • Ultimate Beauty Bundle–(Whole Beauty Collagen, Glowbiotics Revitalizing Face Wash)
  • Supplement Bar Bundle–(Bold Beauty Collagen bar, Peanut Butter Joint Power bar, Bone Broth Chocolate Crunch bar)
  • Ultimate Supplement Bar Bundle–(2 Bold Beauty Collagen bars, 2 Peanut Butter Joint Power bars, 2 Bone Broth Chocolate Crunch bars)

Limited quantities of each package listed are available starting Wednesday, November 22nd. Call us today at (860) 674-0111 for more information or stop by the office to purchase!


One Comment on “Holiday Gifts Ideas from Whole Health Wellness Center”

  1. Deborah Nash Ott

    I believe you have an offer for Red Light Therapy savings. I’d like to sign up for a 10-visit package if it’s still on sale.

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