Trim Belly Fat with 4 Simple Steps

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Many patients come to our office seeking weight loss, a concern for millions of Americans. For over six years, we have offered First Line Therapy, a lifestyle program which includes dietary, exercise and stress reduction advice. This is a clinically studied program which has demonstrated published evidence to reduce many risk factors of chronic disease, including reducing abdominal  fat mass and … Read More

Managing Sugar Cravings

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Many people who are trying to lose weight often foil their dietary plans because of cravings. One of the most common cravings is that for sweet treats. In order for the body to function, we need a constant supply of glucose in the bloodstream, so craving sweets makes sense. However, now food is anything but scarce in America and obesity … Read More

Greek your Diet

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Numerous studies have shown the Mediterranean diet, in particular the diet of people in parts of Greece and Italy, to be beneficial for heart health, skin health and mental health. Here are seven ways to Greek Your Diet for longevity and health: Let’s start with the basics: Olive Oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest quality, least processed, and … Read More

Healthy School Lunches

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Lunch is an area that you can make a huge difference in your child’s health. Lunch provides them with the nutrition to get them through the rest of their school day. Think about the nutritional requirements for your child’s learning, energy, social and emotional needs. These requirements should be met with …lots of protein rich foods, fruits/vegetables and whole grains. … Read More

Rethinking Osteoporosis- Beyond Calcium, Vitamin D and Prescriptions

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Osteoporosis is treated conventionally with a group of medications called bisphosphonates, like Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva. Unfortunately, these medications are not without serious risk. A letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine on January 1, 2009 by Diane Wysowski of the FDA’s division of drug risk assessment indicates a significant risk of lethal esophageal cancer. According to a … Read More

Autoimmunity: Exploring the Causes and New Treatment Approaches

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Autoimmune disease may be unfamiliar to many who have no personal experience with this class of diseases. More commonly known are conditions like lupus, type I diabetes, celiac disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or rheumatoid arthritis. Actually, about 15 diseases are the direct effect of the autoimmune process and research is now linking more than 80 conditions to autoimmunity.

Get Your Skin Summer Ready with These 5 Tips

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Summer is coming! Is your skin ready for the beach? Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed at scelerisque magna. Praesent tincidunt fringilla auctor. Donec ac pellentesque nunc. Aliquam volutpat mollis leo in laoreet: Pellentesque nec felis ac purus aliquet vestibulum ut sed tellus. Nunc sit amet sollicitudin augue. Praesent elit tortor, aliquet sit amet ligula a, aliquet … Read More